Building a business in a lockdown

Every start-up is bound to experience setbacks on the road to launching their business. But what happens when that setback involves a global pandemic? No textbook or Ted Talk could prepare us for our target industry shutting down overnight. We had to rethink our strategy, though only a little bit. From the beginning our goal has always been to make the world a more sustainable place, starting with the way we eat. As we emerge from our small hibernation, one of the first things on everyone’s to-do list will be to enjoy the simple pleasures of a meal made by someone else. And Carbon Codes is getting ready to help make the first café and restaurant visits go the extra mile.

Here’s how we’ve been preparing for the launch of the app:

In January, the team was busy scouting restaurants, assessing their menus and looking for ways to create a great partnership. We signed nine amazing Oxford restaurants and cafes to the app and can’t wait to show you which dishes won the Carbon Codes stamp of approval.

In February, our team had their first public outing as one of seven exhibitors invited to The Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum. This gave us a chance to introduce Carbon Codes to our city’s vibrant business community and mingle with some likeminded companies. Who knew conferences could be so fun?

Now, the team is scattered across the UK and Europe, continuing to work hard behind the scenes. The app is getting tweaked and tested to make sure it’s ready to launch so you can seamlessly present your code at the till and get that first (insert that dish you’ve been craving for months) without a glitch.

There’s still lots to be done but we’re almost there. In the meantime, join our waiting list so you can be one of the first members with access to sweet discounts.

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